Alcatraz Island to Washington, D.C.
February 11, 2008 - April 22, 2008 (Earth Day)



On March 15, 2006 in Clarksville, Arkansas, an extraordinary first planning meeting was held for SACRED RUN 2008. Called together by Dennis Banks, several of this year's sacred runners and walkers dreamed big to get ready for the 30 year anniversary of the first great cross-country Sacred Run, the 1978 "Longest Walk."

Once again we will run/walk from SF to D.C., beginning Feb. 11, 2008, and arrive in Washington, D.C. on Earth Day.

Dreaming the Possible for 2008:

  • 100 or 175 miles each day
  • Start with 100 runners and walkers
  • Run/walk for 5 days, rest for 1 day
  • Follow the Trail of Tears west to east
  • Include runners/walkers from every continent
  • Grant-writers get busy now
  • Put out a call early for runners, walkers, drivers, nurses, cooks, masseuses, website/technical people, writers, P.R. team, artists and graphic designers, attorney, national coordinator, accommodations people, a crafts and gifts person. (Several of this year’s staff indicated they are willing to serve again in 2008.)
  • 10 vans, 3 tour buses
  • A cook-shack vehicle
  • A tour bus for communications, additional computers, better printer.
  • A traveling sound stage bus; for a traveling cultural program, deliver in Japanese language, Ojibwa, Irish...
  • Merchandise team

Noting that Sacred Run has traditionally banned alcohol, drugs and weapons, some of this year’s runners expressed an interest in adding a 2008 ban on tobacco (except for ceremonial use), meat, and disposable cups, plates and utensils. There was not perfect agreement on this, and Dennis suggested we continue to discuss these options.

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April 21, 2008

During Morning Circle in Fredericksburg, VA, just one day short of the end of Sacred Run 2006, Jun-san Yasuda spoke
forcefully and well, and there was agreement by all that on Sacred Run 2008:

  1. The men will share equally with the women in the labors of cooking! (Dennis suggested light-heartedly that Marcus Atkinson would be exempt from this duty. And Cyrille Autin offered to bring his expertise as a French chef!)
  2. Clean-up will be shared equally by men and women!

It should be noted that Jun-san offered these suggestions with a not-so-veiled threat: the men agree to do this, or the women refuse to come on Sacred Run 2008! Dennis Banks offered an honest evaluation, saying we all have equal responsibility in these matters, and that the men have fallen down on this responsibility repeatedly.


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