Alcatraz Island to Washington, D.C.
February 11, 2006 - April 22, 2006 (Earth Day)

1974 and 1978


Pictures from the first AIM Delegation to the Geneva Convention in 1974
and from the Longest Walk in 1978


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Phillip Deere. "The Longest Walk"



The first trip to Geneva.



Phillip Deere's address to a general session meeting. Geneva Convention



The medical and radio crew of "The Longest Walk"



Name unknown "The Longest Walk"



Clyde Bellcourt on the steps of city hall Harrisburg PA. "The Longest Walk"



Names unknown "The Longest Walk"



Coming into Washington DC. "The Longest Walk"



Washinton DC. "The Longest Walk"



Six Nations Delegates, "The Longest Walk"



Six Nations Delegates. "The Longest Walk"



Entering Washinton DC. "The Longest Walk"



Ernie Peters / pipe carrier for "The Longest Walk"



Sending a message to J. Edger Hoover and his FBI club. "The Longest Walk"



José Barreiro and Mark Madrid. "The Longest Walk"


Mad Bear Anderson interogates infiltraters at Indian Town Gap camp.
"The Longest Walk"



Mad Bear on the steps of Harrisburg city hall. "The Longest Walk"



Phillip Deere on the steps of the capital in DC. "The Longest Walk"



There were a lot of days when the group ran for hours. "The Longest Walk"



The twins and the girl. "The Longest Walk"



There were some days when it was just HOT! "The Longest Walk"

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