Alcatraz Island to Washington, D.C.
Feb. 11, 2006 - April 22, 2006 (Earth Day)


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Special Contributions...

Day 7 - To all the beautiful Native Youth... by Jessica Sutterlict

Day 11 - Why do I run? Marcus Atkinson

Day 12 - Albuquerque: Sacred Run on the Road Dennis Banks

Day 18 - God is Love Shining Roots

Day 18 - The Sacred Circle (Sacred Run 2006 theme song) Kid Valance

Day 19 - Reflections Kid Valance

Day 22 - The Road to the Sun Sharon Ruth Skolnick

Day 26 - To Lea & Leo Kooyaquaptewa George Ray

Day 27 - Reflections K.A. Garlick

Updated on Day 31 - Sacred Run Forever Owns the Sabre

Day 34 - All Life is Sacred Dennis J. Banks

Day 35 - Why so many Japanese? Itsuko Shirotani

Day 37 - The new Sacred Run 2006 patch  by Sacred Run artists

Day 38 - The Only Sermon, by Rev. Andrea Ayvazian

Day 41 - Why Are You Here? by an anonymous Sacred Runner

Day 41 - Dennis Banks about New Hope Missionary Baptist Church & Hurricanes Katrina and Rita

Day 42 - About the Cannes Brulee Native American Village, Kenner, Louisiana, by Curator Rose Behan on 2006/04/04

Day 45 - Born on the bayou: Tribal Katrina victims, you have not been forgotten! by Jane Stillwater

Day 46 - Through All the Pain and Jim Toren

Day 47 - Me-Gwitch to the Houma Nation, by Tuffy Isham

Day 47 - The Houma Nation shows us something very, very important, by Tony Baugh

Day 52 - A Day in the Life of a Sacred Runner, by Robert Richardson (Tree)

Day 53 - Sacred Run, April '06, Choctaw Territory by Kevin Wyer

Day 61 - Pictures from our work camp at the Smoky Mountain Peace Pagoda in Newport, Tennessee, by Julie and Charlie Hernandez

Day 64 - Sacred Run's 24-Hour Run and 12-Hour Walk, Charlotte to Maxton, North Carolina, by Sacred Run Websteward Roger Straw

Day 60 (flashback) - Reflections on our Work Day at the Smoky Mountain Peace Pagoda, by Kid Valance (new photos, too!)

Day 67 - Bumper Stickers, by Sacred Runner Joel Garber

Day 68 - Sweet Circle, by Websteward Roger Straw

Day 69 - Your Sacred Run Will Never End, by Idell Wadley

Day 70 - Found Love on Sacred Run, by Sacred Runner Leslie Waking Bear

Day 71 - Earth Day Ceremonies and Good-bye at the Lincoln Memorial, by websteward Roger Straw

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