On the Issues

Answering critical questions ...

If financial cutbacks become necessary in your term of office, where would you make them? (Please list by priority for cutback.)

My record demonstrates that I will not make knee jerk assessments when it comes to financial choices for the District.  In our two recent sets of cuts I was careful to weigh the risks and benefits involved with each decision, and I put an enormous amount of effort into making equitable choices.  Each choice has to be carefully considered based on the best information available at the time of the cuts. Anyone who can simply spout off a list of cuts is either not being genuine or not being realistic.

As I have indicated, an open process based on shared information is the real issue in the determination of what cuts to make where.  While the final decisions are within the Board’s discretion, we need to make decisions based on collective understanding of all stakeholders and, hopefully, consensus. This is particularly true during the difficult financial times we are faced with today.
Dana Dean, Attorney at Law, candidate for Trustee, Benicia Unified School District