Candidate's Statement

August 7, 2009

My tenure as a BUSD Trustee has been tremendously challenging and rewarding.  We have dealt with enormous difficulties that result from the economic realties facing our community.  Because of our state budget, school districts are particularly vulnerable.  However, our district’s position remains strong.  There are several reasons that is so:

  • detailed, thoughtful planning;
  • careful, consistent oversight;
  • and most importantly, the remarkable commitment of everyone in Benicia to the support of our schools.

I am honored to contribute to all of these. 

As a Trustee, a BUSD mom, local business owner, and attorney, I believe that our most important task is to provide a nurturing, safe environment in which our children can thrive, achieve high academic goals, and grow into caring, competent adults.  We can do this, even in tough times, by using all of the important factors mentioned. 

For my part, I will continue to bring relevant skills, knowledge, hard work and a critical eye to the review and implementation of policies that support our charge, especially in the areas of fiscal accountability, health, safety, social policy, and quality services.

I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to continue to serve as Trustee.
Thank you.

Dana Dean, Attorney at Law, candidate for Trustee, Benicia Unified School District