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All About
Intertribal Council of Solano County

"Working to keep alive Native American cultures."

"We recognize our relationship to the past
and to our future, because they are the same thing."
- Winona Laduke

About Us ...
Mission Statement

The Intertribal Council of Solano County is a non-profit organization of Indigenous Peoples of Vallejo, Napa, Fairfield, Suisun City, Vacaville, and Benicia, California; working to reintroduce Native American culture and education to those assimilated to urban areas from their original place of birth.

About Us ...

  • To keep alive the Native American culture, spiritual traditions and beliefs of past generations.

  • To educate our children on the history of our people, to respect our elders, who have memories of the old way of life, but most importantly, to teach the children to have pride and respect for themselves, for they hold the future in their hearts.

We are keenly aware of the conditions that have a negative impact upon the well-being of Native people, the discrimination which exists against us, health issues as a result of poor economic conditions, and because of the effects of genocide, many have lost self-esteem and pride.

Our goal is to keep alive our traditional life style, spirituality, art and culture by identifying role models who can inspire our youth to be proud of the accomplishments of our people, and always remember the struggle, hardship, pain and death our ancestors had to endure to preserve the way of life the whole world has come to respect.

To achieve this goal, we promote many cultural events that involve our youth. The many diverse groups who reside in this area also benefit from our efforts to educate the children and give the respect that Native American people and the cultureso richly deserve. We have several fundraisers and celebrations throughout the year, the most anticipated by the community is the annual powwow. Besides working in conjunction with local community leaders, we are also collaborating with other non-profit organizations and tribal councils in the Bay Area to bring health, education and welfare to the urban Natives to provide a wholesome and healthy environment in which to teach and raise our children. We work closely with the Native American Studies Program in the School District as a way to identify the Native children and provide outreach to their families on current issues and affairs.

About Us ...
Program Priorities

  • Building Site for office space, meetings, classes, conferences, storage, dances for youth, and powwows.

  • Programs: FAE, FAS, STD's, HIV & AIDS Prevention, Spiritual Education & Ceremonies, Health Clinic, Substance Abuse Counseling, Domestic Violence Prevention, Teen Pregnancy Prevention, Job Training, juvenile Justice, Bullying, Child Abuse & Sexual Abuse Counseling, Transportation

  • Classes: Art, Health, Culture, Language, Parenting & Child Care, Computer Lab, Multi -Cultural Events including Music, Art, Literature, Plays and Movies

About Us ...
Board of Directors

APRIL, 2013

Chair - Eric Strong Bear Fisher
Alternate-Rhonda Fisher
Interim Sec./Treas.-Midge Wagner
Interim Board Members:
Katrina Wauer
Janet Kendall
Mary Ann Buggs

About Us ...
Contact Us

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All Donations to Intertribal Council of Solano County
are greatly appreciated and tax deductible.

Intertribal Council of Solano County
PO Box 6251, Vallejo, CA  94591
Phone: Eric StrongBear Fisher, Chair (707) 297-0580,
or Midge Wagner, Sec/Treas (707) 226-1234.

Email: intertribalcouncilsolano at

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Intertribal Council of Solano County
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