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Vallejo Unity Day 2012

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See you at Vallejo Unity Day!

Vallejo Unity Day 2013The Intertribal Council will be participating in the Unity Day Celebration at City Park, south of Tennessee St. on Marin Street in Vallejo on Sunday, Sept. 15, 2013.

We will be doing opening ceremony, and have an Indian Taco booth all day. I hope you all can come and enjoy the entertainment, partake of the wonderful food, and save a little room for an NDN taco while you are there. It will be a fundraiser for our organization, and a way to keep our name out there, as well as to generate interest in possible donors to support our next Pow Wow.

As usual, we are also looking for volunteers to staff the booth, help set it up and tear down afterwards. To volunteer call Midge (707) 226-1234.

Thank you all for your past support, words cannot express how important your support is to us.

Wopila Tonka! Wopila!  ~ Midge on behalf of the Intertribal Council.


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