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Pennycook Elementary School Multi-Cultural Event

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Pennycook Elementary School
Multi Cultural Event

Vallejo Inter-Tribal Council was proud to participate in the Pennycook Elementary School Multi-Cultural Event held on Thursday, September 29, 2011.

Chairman Eric StrongBear Fisher, Midge Wagner, Sierra Reid, and EJ Fisher had a great time decorating the classroom in a Native American Intertribal theme, as each classroom was decorated in a theme depicting foreign countries. We were happy to represent the United States.  We used Native flags all around the walls, and a table with several Native items, such as a hand drum, dolls, beadwork, cradle, basketry, dreamcatchers, and a California clapper stick. In the background, we had Native American flute music playing to continue the theme.   We were to provide a Native food, so we chose small pieces of fry bread and "wosapi", pudding in Lakota, and for an activity for the children, we chose hair ties, made with strips of leather, beads and feathers, which we helped the children make and were able to take home with them. 

Later there were many different cultures involved in doing a presentation in the auditorium.  We brought the drum and our Staff.  Eric, Midge and Sierra sang a song, while E.J. danced in his Northern Traditional regalia. He did a fantastic job, for a 10 year old in his second year of dancing. 

Eric then explained the significance of the Staff and how the drum was made to the children and the families in the audience.  We were warmly welcomed and it was agreed that fun was had by all.  We want to thank Pennycook School for inviting us, especially Rhonda Davis who graciously volunteered to help us make our participation in this event a very pleasant one.

Midge Wagner, on behalf of VIC  

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